The ICON A5 is a sleek, folding-wing amphibious aircraft. Made of carbon fibre, this two-seater, single engine plane can fly over 300 miles at a speed of 105 knots and can land and take off on water thanks to its retractable landing gear.

“The A5 is a pure sports seaplane, engineered to handle aggressive manoeuvering on the water while at the same time making the pilot’s experience both very safe and extremely exciting”, says Kirk Hawkins, a former F-16 pilot and CEO and Founder of Icon Aircraft.

With the wings folded, the A5 fits neatly into most tender garages, and owners can benefit from the FAA’s new Light Sport Aircraft category, gaining a pilot licence with less training and no check-up requirements. Hawkins now believes that consumer-focused sport aircraft can do for recreational flying what personal watercraft did for boating – in fact, the look and feel of the A5 was inspired by jet skis.


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