ICON Yachts is proud to be the first Dutch superyacht builder to obtain ISO 14001 certification. We achieved compliance to the ISO standard by implementing an environmental policy featuring key emissions reduction initiatives. Through these efforts, we are making significant progress towards achieving our goals in reducing environmental impact.

ISO 14001 certification
ISO 14001 is an internally agreed set of standards put forward by the International Organization for Standardization. These standards set out the requirements for an environmental management system. ISO 14001 revolves around the adaption of two fundamental principles:

  1. Complying with and enforcing environmental regulations
  2. Environmental risk management

A copy of the certificate can be downloaded here.

What does this mean for ICON Yachts?
ICON Yachts is committed to its core values for a sustainable future. To manage environmental compliance, ICON Yachts annually defines objectives and monitors its environmental compliance. To reduce our environmental impact our shipyard is conforming to hundreds of environmental laws, regulations, standards and other requirements. One of the objectives of 2022 is reducing the volume wastewater. Generating less wastewater may seem like an obvious place to start. Yet, for many industries it’s easier said than done. By using an optimization process we aim at reducing our wastewater flows by 5%. In addition, ICON Yachts only does business with suppliers who are environmentally responsible and enforces their awareness of these responsibilities. For example, one of the objectives of our requirements for suppliers is that they shall combine deliveries to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption.

The most effective way in reducing our CO2 footprint is to not cause emissions in the first place. ICON Yachts is Industry Leader in converting commercials vessels into bespoke luxury Explorer Yachts. With carefully selected donor vessels, already built to an exceptionally high standard, we are able to preserve existing structures, as well as reusing materials. This gives us the potential of retaining 95% of the original hull and superstructure and by doing so, saving up to 5,864t of production-related CO2.

During the design and conversion process of yachts we are frequently advising our clients on how to minimize environmental impact of their yacht – also when sailing. By using state-of-the-art techniques, we are able to ensure low energy consumption throughout the lifetime of the vessel. Installing the latest heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems as well as applying weight reduction measures and fuel-efficient propulsion concepts reduces energy consumption significantly.

ICON Yachts is determined to reduce its environmental impact: from designing, production until sailing the yacht. It is in our DNA to lead for the better. This includes working towards climate neutrality. To protect what we love most.