ICON 475FT (145M)

Sabdes Design

Australian Yacht Designer Scott Blee, of the studio SABDES Design, has created a concept for a 145m Megayacht based upon a scaleable platform. This Megayacht can have any desired hull length between the range 125m to 150m, without effecting the styling and profile proportions. This is made possible by reducing or increasing the ‘tween deck heights depending on her length chosen. The 145m vessel shown has a float-in-dock aft for a 20m vessel, and many design variations are offered, including an aft enclosed 20m pool, Forward Owners Deck arrangements, glass bulwark reveals a Transom Boarding Deck with hull transom security doors, and large circular hull windows for the VIP cabins. SABDES have also three different bow options; The knife bow shown, a conventional flared bow with bulb below the waterline, and also a combination flared/knife where the stem turns vertically down into a knife directly below the hull knuckle.

ICON 475

Length Overall 477ft (145.6m)
Beam66ft (20.10m)
Draught Max19.7ft (6.0m)
Exterior DesignerSabdes Design


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