ICON Yacht

The International SeaKeepers Society and ICON Yachts Partner in Science at Sea Research Expeditions and Ocean Conservation

Explorer yachts pave the way in contributing groundbreaking data to advance oceanographic research and leverage their platforms to restore our ocean.

Monaco – July 2023

Yachting and ocean conservation non-profit, The International SeaKeepers Society, and Dutch Master yacht builder, ICON Yachts, partner with the aim of utilizing explorer yachts, the epitome of marine adventure, to drive forward support for at-sea research and citizen science initiatives.

As SeaKeepers marks its 25th anniversary, it celebrates a legacy of discovery and conservation commitment with an exciting return to Europe during the Monaco Yacht Show where it was founded in 1998. Through the DISCOVERY Yacht Program, SeaKeepers encourages the capabilities that recreational vessels have to venture into the most remote corners of the world, becoming the ultimate platform for ocean adventure and marine science research.

In line with the growing urgency for environmental responsibility, ICON’s Conversion Yachts have emerged as an inspiring force within the yachting community. These platforms have showcased the yachting industry’s dedication to sustainability, green technologies, and energy-efficient systems to reduce their environmental footprint. With their participation in SeaKeepers’ DISCOVERY Yacht Program and the desire to support marine science research at sea, these cutting-edge vessels will elevate their role by contributing groundbreaking science, including the Citizen Science initiative, the Seabed 2030 Project, to map the ocean floor by the year 2030 through the use of data collection devices that identify uncharted features and through future SeaKeepers data collection technologies.

Jay Wade, Chairman of The International SeaKeepers Society believes that encouraging the yachting community to get involved in ocean research that impacts the very future of our planet has never been more important. “Now in our 25th year, SeaKeepers understands the unique power of our community for good. We look forward to working with industry leaders through our DISCOVERY Yacht Programme. We are excited to see our strong partnership with ICON Yachts grow and look forward to advancing marine science and conservation together.” 

Micca Ferrero, Owner of ICON Yachts is proud to create long-lasting alliances with like-minded organizations. “We are privileged to be surrounded by a community of individuals who share our passion for purpose, exploration and sustainability. With partners like SeaKeepers, we form a powerful collective that is dedicated to raising  awareness within the industry whilst promoting philanthropy too”.