ICON Yacht

Ocean Collective Summit

Harmonising Nature and Purpose – Purpose Driven Yachting and Ocean Conservation

Singapore, November 2, 2023

ICON Yachts is proud to have joined the Ocean Collective Summit, a conference held in Singapore initiated by The International SeaKeepers Society in cooperation with the world-renowned explorer Fabien Cousteau. ICON Yachts’ owner, Micca Ferrero, delivered a keynote on Purpose-Driven Yachting and Ocean Conservation. The presentation covered the concept of ‘Responsible Yachting’ and its crucial role in promoting ocean conservation, while highlighting substantial contributions to scientific research, all in the pursuit of raising awareness about marine conservation.

A central theme revolved around ICON Yachts’ expedition vessels, emphasizing their capability to actively support scientific research and bridge the gap between luxury yachting and marine conservation. During the presentation, case studies exemplified how ICON Yachts’ expedition vessels have played a pivotal role in advancing scientific research and ocean conservation initiatives. The presentation also looked at industry trends, showing how the yachting sector is moving towards explorer yachts and the increasing significance of experiential yachting. A thorough delve into ICON Yachts’ network and partnerships provided insight into how collaboration impacts the yachting industry.