ICON Yacht

Embarking on a
Purposeful Journey

At ICON Yachts, we understand that the spirit of exploration is at the core of your purposeful journey. It is through exploration that we push the boundaries of possibility, uncover hidden treasures, and embark on extraordinary voyages that ignite the imagination.

Our identity is built upon three pillars that define who we are and guide our every endeavour: Exploration, Philanthropy, and Sustainability.

These pillars form the very essence of our purpose-driven shipyard, shaping our mission to create extraordinary vessels that will forever provide unforgettable experiences.

Our Explorer Yachts

Over the years, ICON Yachts has established a leading position in the sector of explorer yachts and purpose vessels. The latter are designed and built with multiple objectives, including exploration, sustainability, and science support, all of which are are all crucial components defining a purpose vessel.

Clients are no longer satisfied with a simple cruise; they want to explore remote and exotic locations, which require specialized equipment and technologies that can only be supported by Explorer Yachts

Micca Ferrero, Owner of ICON Yachts

Past, Present and Future

Drawing Wisdom from our Past, Thriving in our Present, Shaping the Future

Voyagers Collective

We are privileged to be surrounded by a community of individuals who share our passion for purpose, exploration, and sustainability. Together, we form a powerful collective that is dedicated to raising awareness within the industry whilst promoting philanthropy too. Each member of our community brings a unique perspective, expertise, and unwavering dedication to our collective mission.

Our Facilities

ICON Yachts shipyard and its surrounding partners are in a very sheltered location just 2.5km from the North Sea via clear access, with no locks or obstacles to navigate. We share our facilities with an extended family of suppliers and craftspeople, addressing virtually every eventuality or specialism that you might require.


Lange Lijnbaan 11
8861 NW
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)517–494600
E: info@iconyachts.eu